Stacie MacDonald


Why I’m Running

We need an independent-minded representative that will fight for your values, your concerns, and your needs.

We see how politics have become so polarizing and sadly, how our representatives just toe the line with the political leadership. We need someone to stand up for the people, and I will be that person!

I am focused on solutions and helping our community – not just advancing some political party's control over the people of Maryland. If legislation is bad for my district, I will vote against it. If it is good, I will vote for it.

We also need representatives who understand the impact violent crime is having in our communities, the burden of constant tax increases, the educational challenges facing our students and, the far-left politicians that compound the cost of living challenges facing the people of District 30.

I wish to give back to the community by using my extensive business and legal background to improve the quality of life in Annapolis and southern Anne Arundel County for my constituents.

I am an animal lover and owner of a Maryland assisted living business which accepts elderly residents and allows them to bring their pets to live with them. I have a passion to help people, and I will commit myself full-time, year-round to serve as your State Senator for all of District 30.

Also of note, there is too much special interest money in politics and too many political favors. Therefore, I refuse all contributions from PACs, Lobbyists and “Special Interest” groups!



I have over 30 years of professional experience as a Maryland business owner, legislative counsel, attorney, litigator, and real estate broker. My experience includes drafting and navigating passage of bipartisan laws within the legislature. I am living Governor Hogan’s vision, “Maryland is open for business.”  I achieved this by purchasing a failing business and growing its revenue to create over 100 new jobs.

I have been intimately involved in the Annapolis area community. In December 2020, I successfully led the fight to keep restaurants open for dining. I quickly became a leader in the movement to reopen businesses, schools, sports teams, etc. as many people contacted me across the state to assist them in their causes in accomplishing this mission in their communities.

The Annapolis area has been my home for 11 years because I love the semi-rural lifestyle, boating, and friendly people. My husband and I share our home with our 150-pound Boerboel, “Vino”, who is trained to comfort elderly dementia residents.


Community Organizations I Support