Integrity and Transparency in Government

Many Maryland Citizens have lost faith in their government, for good reason. That is why I am paying for my campaign myself. I can vote the way my constituents want, without owing any "favors" to special interests. I will not be taking any donations to my primary campaign from Special Interest groups, PACs, businesses or developers. We need someone who will be accountable to the people; an independent thinker who will always do what is right for our District.

I pledge to fight for an ethical government that doesn't hide anything from its constituents. That means no secret sexual harassment payouts from your tax dollars and revealing a possible development before it is too late to stop it.


Taxes and Spending

I will never vote to raise your taxes. Maryland cannot continue to spend more than it takes in from taxes; the State has to spend only what it takes in, just like the rest of us. Every year, we have seen the State Budget grow while incomes have lagged. Just like Governor Hogan, I will work to cut the size of government, and maintain lower taxes, tolls and fees.

Our citizens have worked all their lives to raise their families. Due to the high tax rate in Maryland, we are losing families to other States, especially when they retire. Families should not be broken up and grandparents compelled to move because of high taxes. I support tax breaks and pension tax relief for first responders and the military. I will work to extend this same relief to all Marylanders.


Heroin/Opioid Epidemic

The heroin/opioid epidemic cannot continue. Most of us have been touched by it, witnessing a family member, friend or co-worker battle drug use.

The futures of those we care for will be determined by the actions that we take today. As your next Delegate in District 33, I will make combating drug addiction a top priority. I will work with Governor Hogan and fight for these changes:

I will emphasize prevention and early education (elementary) - prevention is the key to our future. This costs next to nothing and is hugely effective, compared to the costs of treatment due to the recidivism common in drug addiction. For those already suffering, I propose an initial detox with a long-term solution such as 12-step programs or faith based actions. This is the most effective long-term way to avoid relapse and it is the most cost effective. In addition, we must enforce stricter criminal penalties for drug dealers, and hold Big Pharma and the pill mills accountable for their actions.


Job Creation

As a local Maryland business owner, I have seen firsthand how government regulation has stifled business and job growth. I am opposed to the $15 minimum wage. I am opposed to making small business bear the brunt of the regulations, while large corporations like Amazon receive corporate welfare amounting to billions of dollars to locate here.


Sanctuary State

Keeping our towns and communities safe and secure is one of my highest priorities. I have lived in a Sanctuary state and I know personally how it negatively affects its legal citizens. Hospitals and Emergency Rooms have long waits due to overuse and crowding. Many close due to having to treat everyone and yet rarely being paid for services consumed by those here illegally. Gangs like MS-13 which has come in a big way to our local area often recruit illegals, causing the gang to be larger and more dangerous to us. As your Delegate in Annapolis, I promise to be a strong advocate to ensure our great state does not become a Sanctuary State!


Traffic and Development

Local politics has created gridlock in Severna Park, Crofton, Crownsville and elsewhere. Some may say that zoning is a local issue, but we must fight over-development that clogs state roads and negatively impacts our quality of life.


Second Amendment

I will not vote to weaken our right to have legal guns. I will fight any efforts made by those who seek to limit our freedoms as gun owners. I do not believe that limiting legal gun user’s rights will have any significant effect on keeping our schools and communities safe. Instead, we must focus on the mental illnesses of the criminals who are generally the perpetrators of these horrific school shootings as well as adding to school security.



Private religious organizations should continue as the solution to unwanted pregnancies, assisting birth moms with their needs while encouraging positive outcomes in adoption. From owning an elder care facility, I have a special interest in protecting dementia patients from assisted suicide and euthanasia encouraged by relatives who want to accelerate their inheritance.