Stacie MacDonald


Why I’m Running

We can do better in Anne Arundel County. I am a Maryland business owner. I am NOT a career politician. We need to send a message to the Government establishment and career politicians. I have the experience and know-how to accomplish this. I paid for my own campaign so that I could listen only to voters. I won't be manipulated by owing favors to lobbyists or special interests. I have the luxury of being able to devote my full time and attention to being a Senator without the constraints of a job or domestic responsibilities. We need a devoted, hard-working Senator in District 33 that will bring about positive change, integrity, and transparency to government.





My career experience is unrivaled. I have been a legislative counsel to large businesses in a larger blue state than Maryland, California, the 6th largest economy in the world. I have lived and succeeded in Governor Hogan's vision, “Maryland is open for business.” I chose to move to Maryland 10 years ago and purchase a failing business. The business revenue is over 10 times larger and over the years I have created over 100 jobs in Maryland.

I have also been a practicing attorney and real estate broker. I know what it’s like to meet a weekly payroll, especially in a heavily over-regulated State like Maryland. I drafted and saw passage of legislation in California. I was the legislative counsel behind one of the first state laws limiting teen driving, saving thousands of young lives. In addition, I served as House Counsel and Managing Attorney over numerous employees for a large corporation. As an accomplished attorney, I won more than 35 civil jury trials, representing businesses and individuals. I launched a startup company in merchant services which against the odds of survival of start-ups, continues to thrive for over a decade. My education includes Harvard-Westlake, University of Michigan, and Loyola Law School.

My strong life passion for pets and the elderly led me to open an assisted living facility that allows its residents to keep pets with them when they move in from their homes and to care for the resident and their pets with no additional fee. When the resident passes, I keep their pets at my own expense. This allows for residents to not only take their pets to live with them but to ensure that the pets are not abandoned and/or euthanized.
After looking across the US, we chose to make Annapolis our home because we love the semi-rural lifestyle, living on the water, boating, and lots of morally sound friendly people. I live with my husband, Andrew and we share our home with our 150-pound Boerboel, "Vino."  He is trained to comfort elderly dementia residents.